The packaging of ambuja, winner of the ProCarton ECMA Awards

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The packaging of ambuja, winner of the ProCarton ECMA Awards
Thursday, June 30, 2016Description :
The packaging of ambuja, a line of natural skin care products from Legart Forschungsatelier, is the big winner of the 2015 ProCarton ECMA Awards since he was voted Carton of the Year. Made from Invercote G 200 g / m2 from Iggesund Paperboard, the award-winning packaging features an original opening and closing mechanism that marvelously exploits the structural properties of the Invercote.

"I am very happy with their victory and I congratulate them," commented John Mitchell, Iggesund's European Sales Manager for processors and brand owners. Their solution is courageous and innovative. They were able to design a bold structure while creating a high quality tactile experience for the consumer. "

"And of course, we're particularly pleased when Invercote is used to create a packaging with an original design that stands out on the shelves. "

A palette of colors at the pinnacle of elegance and movements of opening and closing perfectly choreographed: few are the packaging that express both the value of their content. The emphasis is on aesthetics that reflects the technological advances and the unique charm of the brand. The central idea of ??the concept is based on the opening "organic" according to the principles of nature, like a fruit or a bud.

The sound effect surprises and complements the experience: when the lid folds down to protect the item, a click is heard. The sound of the magnetic closure underlines the unique sensation of holding a precious object in its hands, an object that is both sustainable and respectful of nature.

The natural harmony of this composition can only be achieved with cardboard. The reactions of amateur design consumers have been very positive. Its uniqueness makes this cardboard a powerful positioning ally on this segment of luxury while offering superior presentation options.

The jury was also enthusiastic in its statement:

"We had a great time interacting with this cardboard. It is very pleasant and soft to the touch. The opening and closing mechanism with its folding lid truly impressed the judges. The package opens with ease and partially lowers to allow the item to be seen. The highlight of the show proved to be the "click" issued by the packaging when it closed. The folding cover closes almost as if it were a spring. When it is possible to use several senses, including hearing, this makes the packaging very attractive to the consumer. "

The packaging was processed by the Austrian agency Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach for the brand owner Legart Forschungsatelier. Structural design is the work of Herwig Bischof and Johannes Gautier. The latter also created graphic design. The packaging consists of Invercote G 200 g / m2 from Iggesund Paperboard.

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