The new generation of packaging machines with the new technologies of Rexroth

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The new generation of packaging machines with the new technologies of Rexroth
Saturday, June 7, 2014Description :
A global "first" and numerous innovations integrating Rexroth technologies at the interpack fair What will tomorrow's packaging machines look like? For both users and builders, the new generation must be cabinetless (1), adaptable (2), simple (3), efficient (4) and ready for the connected industry (5) The production space. With innovative packaging machines, capable of responding flexibly to different process formats or events, it becomes possible to produce reduced quantities economically.

The machines of last generation must be easy to use and to diagnose. They must also be prepared for the new possibilities of the connected industry, by supporting the integration of production with the world of informatics. Recognizing these needs, Rexroth has redefined the automation technologies of packaging machines over the last three years, using numerous hardware and software innovations. Several machine manufacturers present at interpack 2014 have already integrated the new technologies of Rexroth in order to stand out from the competition.


 (1) For example, Gerhard Schubert GmbH presents the world's first non-rack packaging machine in the world at interpack 2014. To achieve this feat, the OEM used the drive system without an IndraDrive Mi control cabinet The strength of the IndraDrive Mi servomotors is their ability to be integrated directly and immediately both outside and inside the machine with all the necessary components, for example the power supply and mains modules. Result: Control cabinet completely suppressed for total flexibility.

Only a controller with a maximum current of 36 A is available near the motor. It has an IP65 protection class, as are the new power supply modules and power supply without a rack. The power module gathers a filter, a regulator and even a protection in a single equipment.

Power supply with power recovery, control electronics, brake resistor and brake transistors are integrated into the power module. In the same way as the re-assignment of the drive electronics of the control cabinet directly to the motor of the machine, the usual components of the control cabinet (power supply and filter for example) can now be incorporated into the machine thanks to To the new IndraDrive Mi modules. This allows the machine to be connected directly to the power supply network.

Packing machine without control cabinet: all drive components are directly integrated into the machine in IP65

 Schubert placed the drives without a cabinet next to each other in the machine. Due to the high power levels, the controllers near the motor are mounted on a cooling plate. This avoids the need to wire each controller in series. Instead, the installer connects them via the new Hybrid connector designed by Rexroth. These protected connection components for communication and power supply simply plug into the adjacent IndraDrive Mi units. This further reduces wiring requirements and protects connections when cleaning. Schubert has thus been able to considerably reduce the wiring requirements and completely eliminate the control cabinet for the drive technology.

 Schubert was among the first to demonstrate that the new generation packaging machine could be without a cabinet as long as systematically using decentralized drive technology. Rexroth, as a development and system partner, has created the essential prerequisites for automation technology.

 By removing the control cabinet, IndraDrive Mi provides space saving, but also reduces cooling and wiring requirements by up to 90% respectively. Simply connect the first drive to the power module. The other drives are then connected in series via a cable. As a general rule, a drive mechanism can consist of up to 20 IndraDrive Mi units on a cable harness of up to 200 meters. Depending on the power consumption, cable lengths and options selected, a much larger number of drives can be switched in series.

 Modularization of machine concepts requires in particular decentralized and intelligent drives, as well as standardized interfaces for communication. Schubert has given priority to the Sercos automation bus in its new packaging-free packaging machine, as in all its other products. With the multi-Ethernet interface via Sercos, IndraDrive Mi is also compatible with all common Ethernet protocols (ProfiNet, EtherNet / IP, EtherCAT, etc.), all in a single device. The hardware remains the same, the choice only occurs at the software level. In addition, a connection with Profibus can be created via a gateway. With this feature, IndraDrive Mi stands out as the most universal drive-free drive in terms of connectivity, enabling machine builders to dramatically reduce hardware variant problems.

Systematic modularization means an increasing transfer of control functions to individual machine modules. With the integrated drive control of Rexroth, drive functions, motion control and run logic merge to form an open automation platform. Named Motion Logic, this system compliant with IEC 61131-3 also regulates complex motion tasks. The Rexroth drive control can coordinate in real time nine IndraDrive Mi units configured as slaves. The machine manufacturer can thus solve complex partial functions of the machine thanks to intelligent drive technology, providing these partial functions in the form of software modules - even if different controller controllers are used.))

 2. Adaptability for more flexibility and dynamics

 In addition to the removal of the control cabinet, end users are demanding more flexible machines for small series, with increased productivity thanks to maximum dynamics in all movements. In order to do this, Rexroth has integrated adaptable software functions for both control and training.

 At the order level, the FlexProfile adaptable functionality adjusts the machine to format and product changes without any additional programming. This IndraMotion MLC control function independently creates motion relationships between connected drives. It is sufficient for the OEM to specify the parameters; The end user can then quickly set the machine for the new process conditions at the push of a button. This increases the availability, especially for small series.

 At the drive level, the active vibration attenuation software function increases dynamic range and thus reduces cycle times. It automatically compensates for changes in process parameters. In this way, the components of the mechanical axis can provide increased dynamics without vibration resonance. An example of practical application: the transport of liquids in unsealed containers always involves a risk of spillage, which can contaminate the machine and require cleaning. For this reason, machine manufacturers often find it impossible to exploit the entire dynamics of the servo motors. Active vibration attenuation prevents spillage of liquids during braking and acceleration. OEMs use it to increase motion dynamics, reduce total cycle times and enhance the process safety of the latest generation packaging machines. A simple parameterization is also sufficient for this predefined function.

3. Easier to use on a daily basis

 On the one hand, the end user wants a machine capable of performing more complex tasks; On the other hand, the operation and maintenance of these machines must be as simple as possible. Rexroth has solved this apparent contradiction by using new control devices and innovative software features.

 The global advent of smartphones and tablets has transformed usage behavior irreversibly. The keyboard and the mouse have given place to touch screens allowing an intuitive control thanks to the gestural control. The end user appreciates this type of operation on the machines, which is familiar to him through his use of personal mobile devices, because this solution allows him to use his personal mobile device and reduces training costs and errors, use.

 Rexroth offers two methods for this. The first takes the form of a new generation of control units designed specifically for modern gestural controls. The range of compatible products is vast, compact operator terminals (with Windows Embedded Compact 7) based on a controller to large screens used with industrial PCs. The unique utility for all operator terminals simplifies the configuration of user interfaces.

 The second, totally unprecedented method is made possible by Open Core Engineering and the innovative Open Core Interface interface technology: smartphones and tablets can now be easily integrated into automation systems. To do this, machine builders create mobile applications in all common operating systems. IndraMotion MLC, a special feature of Rexroth Control allows extended access to the kernel by machine builders, even for functions in the programming languages ??and operating systems, Apple iOS and Google Android included. In this way, mobile applications can use the functions of the respective smartphones and tablets to execute commands and to diagnose the machine remotely. In addition to the read access, it is also possible to adapt the operating parameters. This seamless integration of smartphones and tablets opens up completely new possibilities in terms of user-friendliness and diagnostics.

Simplicity and flexibility of product transport

 The interconnection of machines to create complete production lines is a real challenge. The user often has to solve complex transport problems under difficult conditions. The MTpro software makes it easy to plan projects with great flexibility. The simple assembly of the new Rexroth VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system simplifies things further. The new drive concept with hollow shafts on each side of the drive and conveyor return reduces planning and commissioning requirements. The installer can decide the mounting location of the engine, even on site.

 In addition to the standard aluminum version, a stainless steel version using hygienically compliant materials also covers the special needs of the food industry. This transport system operates silently and has virtually no wear.

4. Increased effectiveness at all levels

 In mechanical engineering, efficiency has many aspects. Shortened time-to-market thanks to efficient engineering is important for machine builders. End users evaluate the efficiency of the machine in terms of throughput, product quality, energy consumption and actual availability.

 With Open Core Engineering, Rexroth covers all aspects of efficiency. Rexroth simplifies the engineering process at all stages, from project planning to programming and parameter setting, commissioning and maintenance. The IndraWorks design environment provides all the necessary software tools. For complex projects and tasks, feature packs accelerate work processes. For example, the Generic Application Template (GAT) programming model creates optimal prerequisites for software development for modular machines. Through linkage between version control systems, several engineers can work simultaneously, efficiently, on project planning and programming of machines and installations, while changes are recorded.

Open Core Engineering: With open standards, predefined software models, machine monitoring functions and extended access to the command kernel, Rexroth connects industrial automation with the new technologies of the computer world.

 Rexroth has built on its decades of experience in automating packaging machines to develop industry-specific technology functions. Main advantage: the machine manufacturer no longer needs to program complex movements, a very expensive operation. All it takes is to set the predefined commands.

 In this way, Rexroth provides predefined technological functions for virtually all packaging tasks, eg Magic Belt for rapid product grouping: in top and side loading machines, several conveyors group the products Are placed in a carton. Magic Belt can coordinate three conveyors, each with two trains, for efficient grouping. Format and product changes can be made at the push of a button.

 Rexroth has also simplified the programming of robots on packaging lines. The Motion Logic IndraMotion system includes a library of more than 100 predefined robotic movements requiring simple parameterization. Rexroth greatly facilitates the programming of sequences of movements: using the kinematic interface, the engineer in charge of commissioning needs to write very little code. The software automatically supports it according to the specifications provided. This method saves time and eliminates errors. The use and programming of a robot becomes simple and practical. Rexroth also provides an exclusive feature: the engineer can also program motion sequences in common languages ??and execute them on the control unit directly next to the PLC without any programming for it.))

Intelligent software for increased productivity

 Intelligent software features also ensure superior availability, even during maintenance, and improve the overall efficiency of the equipment. The productivity agent for IndraDrive uses drive data to detect mechanical wear without additional sensor. The intelligent evaluation of the data makes it possible to determine at any time the current state of tolerance, batches, friction and stiffness of the mechanical and transmission guiding elements. If the result of a measurement exceeds the set limit, the software provides clear warnings. This allows the end user to plan the replacement of components prior to their failure and to avoid unavailability of the machine. This increases the availability of the latest generation packaging machines and reduces their maintenance costs.

Functional safety at all levels

 The biggest players in the agri-food sector have put in place programs to totally eliminate accidents in the workplace. Again, Rexroth helps machine builders and end users achieve this through innovative and comprehensive solutions. Rexroth offers a unique combination of safety features based on the SafeMotion drive, SafeLogic scalable safety controls and the complete CIP Safety safety protocol for all builders on Sercos. These perfectly balanced solutions for safety compliant with standards at all levels of automation reduce downtime of machines and protect operators.

 With Safety on Board, the most complete certified safety functions of the moment for conventional and cabinetless drives become available to machine builders. OEMs use them to create different security zones, activated separately by the end user. In case of manual intervention, it does not need to stop the whole machine. All that is required is to disable the security zone concerned. This system simplifies commissioning and shortens the machine restart time when eliminating interference. With SafeLogic PLC scalable security solutions, Rexroth meets standards-compliant security needs around the world. The CIP Safety protocol on Sercos reduces the need for cabling because the Ethernet connection generally provides enough bandwidth to exchange all information in real time or not.

Rexroth 4EE Improves Performance

 Increasingly, major brands are finding that the carbon footprint of their production methods is becoming more important in their marketing initiatives. The universal and systematic approach Rexroth for Energy Efficiency, or Rexroth 4EE, exploits the full potential of efficiency throughout the machine.

 This universal system uses four levers:

• Design of the energy system: the system is considered as a whole, and Rexroth provides assistance to machine builders in the field of mechatronics and software solutions.

• Efficiency of components: use of products and modules with high efficiency.

• Energy recovery: Intelligent use of braking energy via electric or kinetic damping.

• Energy on demand: consumption is constantly adjusted to the actual energy requirement of the process.

 Design tools like IndraSize already prevent over-sizing during the design process. High efficiency motors reduce energy consumption. Smart Energy Mode, Rexroth's intelligent energy management mode, combines the benefits of power and energy recovery. This pre-programmed function prevents peaks in load on the network and reduces power system losses. This results in reduced power consumption, improved mains compatibility and the use of smaller components that do not adversely affect the performance of the machine.

 In driveless drive technology, chain drives are powered by a hybrid cable to the common power supply, as are individual drive chains. The energy of a drive generated during braking can be used directly by an acceleration drive or stored temporarily in central energy stores. IndraDrive allows up to 50% energy savings. In addition, machine manufacturers can use energy recovery modules to redistribute surplus energy to the electrical grid.

 End users can even easily increase the output of already installed machines and production lines. Rexroth takes care of the analysis of sites and complete production lines. Our performance specialists identify potential savings, perform cost-effectiveness calculations for each measurement and perform on-site optimizations.

5. Ready for the connected industry

 The connected industry, which connects the world of machines and that of professional computing, suggests considerable benefits in terms of efficiency in the production of small series in the future. Rexroth, one of the pioneers of decentralized intelligence and open standards, provided the foundation for this advance. The new Open Core Interface interface technology and extended access to the control core create additional bridges between industrial automation and business computing.

 C ++, C # (.NET), Visual Basic, VBA (Office), LabVIEW G, Objective-C, and C ++ can be used to program machine functions in a variety of common computer languages. Java. Open Core Interface supports VxWorks, Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows operating systems. In parallel, Rexroth extended access to the control kernel. This allows machine builders to develop machine functions while implementing real-time applications, without programming at the PLC level.

 They can thus exploit all the functions specific to smartphones and tablets in the field of automation. They can design mobile applications directly in the operating system of the target platform and thus use wireless communications, gesture controls, camera function and motion sensors, as well as other functions specific to each target platform. apparatus. They can simplify and speed up commissioning, diagnosis and operation of their machines. Mobile applications require no programming on the control unit.

Reconciliation between automation and IT: Rexroth controls are adapted to the full integration of new hardware platforms.

 Another revolutionary simplification is the simplification of connections with professional computing. Until now, evaluation of production data required computer programming tasks and at the controller level to define a common interface. With Open Core Engineering, it is now enough to create a simple macro in Excel. This macro reads the data directly on the controller, without affecting performance. This system brings an unprecedented level of freedom to machine builders, who can more easily set themselves apart from the competition by developing exclusive features. With its current system solutions, Rexroth has already opened the way to the advent of the connected industry.

 Bosch Rexroth has redefined automation technologies with new hardware and software products, and the time for new generation packaging machines has come true: without cabinet, adaptable, simple, efficient and ready for the industry tomorrow. The change is on.

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