We like to be known as an "Application Oriented" company.With our bands and labels Distributors, we help the production lines in the productivity of the increase operator of world.With our optical inspection line we bring the most Great selection and the highest quality magnifiers, magnifiers and portable microscopes in the world for you in one place.We are looking forward to win your business.

The mission of START is to continuously provide the highest quality product, build and maintain relationships with our customers, and constantly improve the customer service experience.

GTSR's best product innovations come from simple observations combined with a good understanding of our customers' needs. Most business design products specifically to increase sales volume. The main goal of the GTSR is not to create a bestseller, but to improve customer operations. To achieve this goal, our product design engineers to develop value-added products. Our approach begins with our unparalleled information gathering techniques. With this unique approach to product development, we are able to provide the highest quality and most effective products for our customers.

Our principles
Our success is based on our ability to consistently deliver the highest quality product to the customer. We strive to operate as a valuable partner to our customers.

Commitment to service
We are in business to serve our customers. We take responsibility and pro-actively meet the needs of our customers.

Commitment to our people
Our people are our most important asset. We strive to create the most rewarding (and most fun!) Place of work and to systematically evaluate and reward commitment and superior performance.

Commitment to integrity
we operate in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards. We insist on the treatment of our customers, suppliers, partners, and the other with honesty and dignity.

Commitment to innovation
We are constantly exploring new and creative approaches to achieving goals. We seek to learn relentlessly and to inspire perpetual innovation.

Commitment to hug Challenge
We recognize that in our industry, change is constant and obstacles are inevitable. We seek to anticipate and thrive on challenge. We strive to think and act with agility and tenacity.

Commitment to teamwork
We create passionate and bright teams of different disciplines and different backgrounds and ideas. We pay tribute to the value of collaboration and cooperation between individuals.

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