SR-1000 Series All-Read Reading Code Reader

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SR-1000 Series All-Read Reading Code Reader
Monday, January 5, 2015Description :
Featuring autofocus, this 1D and 2D code reader fits any reading distances up to 1000 mm. It automatically selects its optimal settings according to the target and avoids the phenomena of brightness thanks to its integrated polarizer.

Thanks to this new family of 1D and 2D code readers, the same reader can therefore be used for targets at different heights. The SR-1000 Series therefore adapts to a wide range of industrial applications.

It comes in two models. The SR-1000, standard long range autofocus model, has a reading range of 110 to 1000 mm. The SR-1000W, wide-field autofocus model (384 mm × 307 mm to 600 mm distance), displays a reading range of 50 to 600 mm and stands out by a field 4 times wider than the conventional models.

Readers of the SR-1000 series are also distinguished by their automatic adaptation to the various ways of marking a code and the variety of media (plastic, glass, metal, paper, etc.). When they are inserted, after adjusting the position of the code, a simple press of a button starts the search for the optimum settings: exposure time, image processing filter, and other parameters depending on the Target and installation distance. The reader scans 750000 set combinations to select the most appropriate. The configuration can be carried out on PC using an advanced configuration software via a USB connection or directly on the reader with its integrated Oled display.

By integrating for the first time a polarizing light filter, the SR-1000 series readers are perfectly free from shine phenomena. No need to look for the best angle of inclination of the sensor during installation or to use external lighting. The automatic polarization control function automatically cancels the brightness that is frequently encountered on black resins or metal surfaces.

To further enhance the quality of reading, Keyence has equipped SR-1000 readers with a reflector specially designed to deliver high quality lighting by reducing the light losses of high intensity LEDs.

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