SmartDate Xtra by Markem-Imaje, a new reference for coding on flexible packaging


SmartDate Xtra by Markem-Imaje, a new reference for coding on flexible packaging
Monday, August 3, 2015Description :
Ultra resilient, flexible and cost-effective, the new SmartDate Xtra ribbon is designed to become a new benchmark on flexible packaging and productivity gains

Among the advantages of this new offer, the SmartDate Xtra ribbon is 25% stronger than other brands on the market. The codes are durable and unalterable, regardless of the production environment (cold, dry or wet) and transport conditions. The coded products are delivered in-store and made available to customers with perfectly intact codes.

The new SmartDate Xtra ribbon is also designed to provide greater flexibility. It allows long-lasting, high-speed printing on most flexible materials, even the most demanding plastic films and laminations, without diminishing readability. The advantage for the industrialist is to use only one ribbon quality for current and future coding needs, but also to reduce handling errors and reduce storage costs.

Combined with Markem-Imaje's SmartDate encoder range, the SmartDate Xtra ribbon also boosts productivity. Consisting of an ultra thin film, the ribbon offers 83% more length compared to standard 600 m ribbons. It reduces line stops and increases performance by increasing the production rate by 90% (for a standard application).

In addition, the SmartDate Xtra ribbon extends the life of the printheads because the energy required to transfer ink is lower. In the end, reducing the number of head changes reduces costs and increases overall productivity.

Available in black and in different widths, the new SmartDate Xtra ribbon allows the printing of text, logos, high density graphics and bar codes (1D and 2D) at a density of 300 dpi to meet the quality requirements of Branding.

Finally, the SmartDate Xtra ribbon is a genuine Markem-Imaje product. It meets all Markem-Imaje warranty conditions and complies with the strictest health and food product regulations (RoHS, CP65, Reach, etc.), making it a safe solution for applications Requiring food contact.

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