Power shuttle car


Power shuttle car
Description :

The power shuttle car is to connect different conveyor lines.

It is used to recover the flow of loads (pallets, containers, boxes...) to redistribute them to other evacuation lines.

It can be automatic or semi-automatic. The automatic version is managed by the PLC and the semi-automatic version requires the intervention of an operator.


  • Economical for moving loads over very long distances
  • Allows the transfer of loads without obstructing the aisles
  • Allows 90° transfer
  • Ergonomic improvement of the workstation (comfort and safety)
  • Charge maximum: 2 000 kg
  • Motorisation: with brake, requiring frequency variation
  • Wheels: steel with or without guide
  • Rails: 40x12 mm steel
  • Rail configuration: above ground or flooded (not protruding, requiring civil engineering)
  • Speed: up to 60 m/min.
  • Safety: spring-loaded sensor bar, with roller contact or scanner
Application area(s)
  • Furniture industry
  • Logistics
  • Handling
  • Entire industry
  • Industrial distribution

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