Founded in 1995, We is located in the core of Wuhan City, also known as China's Optical Valley. Occupying 42 acres of land, with 3000m² of research and development building and 6000m² of production area, we have more than 180 employees, 80% of whom hold a degree and 3 doctorates. In order to become a leading high-tech company, we are committed to the research and exploitation of laser technologies and equipment, integrating optics, mechanics and electronics.

Our products, available in more than 70 different models, mainly include the series of micro-percussion marking machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, metal laser cutting machine, jet printer ink, etc. All the products show a remarkable superiority by supporting the personal services and special requests of the different customers.

Supported by reliable quality and reasonable prices, the products are selling well and have gained a great reputation, not only in China, but also in more than 30 countries and regions of the world, such as USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Poland, Turkey, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc.

Based on our advanced technologies and our highly specialized staff, we can complete the entire process from software development, parts design, system testing to technical support.

Now an open mind, we have established two research and development centers respectively in Changchun and Wuhan and collaborates closely with many research institutes and universities all over the world.

We have also passed 63 national patents and many of our achievements and technical indices are in an advanced position at an international level. Driven by market demand, we strive insatiably to meet the demands of our customers and devote ourselves to scientific, technological and mercantile products, perfectly combining high-tech with our products, to provide customers with excellent service technical and high reliability products.

The philosophy of our company is to offer "excellent quality and global service". All the staff of us acts according to this concept with a total enthusiasm and a spirit of constant innovation. Complemented by our international sales strategy, our internationalized purchasing and technologies, we have established a long-term development plan for our company and are ready to go hand in hand with international companies.

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