Peli launches a range of Peli Inter-Stacking Pattern Square Cases

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Peli launches a range of Peli Inter-Stacking Pattern Square Cases
Saturday, June 4, 2011Description :
Designed to stay perfectly in transit, the ISP2 suitcases feature square moldings that allow the lids to be embedded in the base, thus avoiding the shifting of loads and the de-sealing of goods.

The integrated square moldings of these suitcases work in tandem to stack suitcases on top of each other safely. They allow an easy criss-cross stacking of all the different models and improve the bearing properties of their rotationally molded polymer construction. This system allows to withstand higher loads without shifting or unclogging which may be caused by air turbulence, rough seas or difficult road conditions.

Optimized for most common pallet formats, including standard European pallets, NATO pallets and 463L pallets, ISP2 cases are available in 64 sizes that can be combined to maximize the total volume of available space On each pallet.

The standard features of these cases include an O-ring (to ensure that the suitcase remains secured and waterproof), reinforced corners and edges (15-20% thicker, for added protection), molded metal inserts Patented with built-in fittings and ultra-resistant comfortable grip grips (for easy team lifting). The material of the ISP2 is the product of a proprietary polyethylene formula offering an ideal compromise between light weight, rigidity of panels and durability.

ISP2 suitcases are offered in 13 colors and with a wide range of options, such as pressure relief valve, document holder and card holder, sliding pads for increased mobility, hinged lid, Additional handles, moisture indicator, lockable steel catch and hasp, lifting and mooring rings, and standard labels.

Peli-Hardigg ™ ISP2 suitcases are manufactured in Europe in accordance with the strictest standards, allowing a better connection with local markets. Peli-Hardigg also offers customization services enabling our many customers to get directly involved in The design of suitcases and to participate in the testing of the first specimens.

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