The P.E. LABELLERS S.p.A. company was created in 1974 by Bruno Negri and Mario Ballarotti who, with creativity and passion, gave him the title of world leader in the labeling machines sector.

The technical experience developed through the Research and Development department, managed by Mr. Ballarotti, gives the wide range of labellers produced sustainable characteristics of reliability, high quality and low management costs, thus meeting the requirements of a continuously evolving market that embraces all sectors, from beverages to food, wine to chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals etc ... One of the strong points of PE LABELLERS SpA, supported by a diffuse after-sales service throughout the world, is the ability to pay attention to requests is to the suggestions of customers and the ability to achieve customized technical solutions. To date more than 6,000 labellers have been supplied worldwide and in all sectors.

The number of employees, including those of other factories in the group, is more than 285 people for a production of about 380 labellers per year. 80% of the turnover is realized in the foreign market.

PE labelers are suitable for rates from 60bpm to 1.300bpm and for the following labeling systems:

- cold glue;
- hot glue;
- self-adhesive;
- coil label;
combined system.

Among the cutting-edge technologies used on machines:

- Servomotors for the rotation of the saddle holders
- Programmable format change
- Cold glue labeling station / interchangeable adhesive on the same machine
- Automatic lubrication system (ordinary maintenance is eliminated)
- Modular machines that combine various types of labeling on the same machine, guaranteeing maximum versatility and flexibility.
- System of ergonomic protections that allow a better accessibility to the machine during all the operations of maintenance and change of format and which guarantee a very high level of safety for the operators.

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