Pallet chain conveyor


Pallet chain conveyor
Description :

The chain conveyor is used in a continuous handling system or an accumulation system for the processing of pallets.

Depending on the type of transported loads, the chain conveyor can be equipped with additional chains (penta-chain conveyor, multichain conveyor).

Its solid construction meets current requirements in terms of safety and reliability and ensures product maintenance and stability.

The chain conveyor can be used in the following applications:

  • When the loads to be conveyed are not transported on roller conveyors.
  • When it is necessary to interpose roller conveyors and chain conveyors for perpendicular transfers
  • For load stability
  • Charge maximum : 1 500 Kg/ml or 4 tons on one set
  • Length : 1 to 9 m
  • Speed : 8 to 20 m/min
Application area(s)
  • Entire industry
  • Logistics
  • Furniture industry

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