New range of Linx Laser Encoders SL

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New range of Linx Laser Encoders SL
Thursday, September 5, 2013Description :
These Laser coders with a power of 10 and 30w are flexible, reliable, intuitive and benefit from the latest technological advances of the brand

LinxVision®, Linx QuadMark®, VisiCode®, QuickSwitch® and are technologies that can print graphics, barcodes, 2D Datamatrix codes and high-quality texts on a wide range of materials.

    LinxVision® the new intuitive interface of the color touch screen offers the SL102 and SL302 Laser Encoders a large format WYSIWYG display that makes it easy to create, modify and parameterize messages. The interface comes with software specifically designed for the touch screen with large icons and a quick-access toolbar for fast, easy and secure operation, editing and reporting. The Linx SL102 and SL302 encoders can also be controlled remotely via PC or via the network.
    Linx QuadMark ® allows the control of up to four Laser encoders from a single touch panel. This feature, ideal for multitrack production lines or extended site installations, saves time, reduces costs and minimizes the risk of coding errors.
    The VisiCode® technology, the unique feature of Linx coding lasers, has been developed to provide much clearer coding on cold glass and PET without compromising speed, while preserving tube power. Coupled with the new tube with a wavelength of 10.2? M the SLX02 range guarantees aesthetic and reliable labeling quality, in detail, on plastic and PET substrates widely used in different packaging Beverage, cosmetics or even food.
    Linx QuickSwitch ® allows you to quickly and easily change code using a barcode reader or other external device, eliminating coding errors. For coding applications on a label removal system, the "Label Enable" ensures that the laser is triggered at the right time.

Choosing a Linx SL102 or Linx SL302 laser encoder means choosing reliability thanks to the efficient and efficient cooling system, without connection to an external air network, which guarantees the life of the laser tube up to 45,000 hours The highest in the market.

Beam deviation by digital galvanometers allows fast and accurate response time for high-speed coding without any maintenance or adjustments. With the highest standards of the brand, Linx SL lasers minimize downtime and operating costs.

Dan Levitzky, Laser Product Manager of Linx, says: The new range offers flexibility, reliability and usability without compromising quality, with the ability to encode on a wide range of media and the most demanding production lines.

Components such as head, lenses, tube, marking fields and stitch size are conjugated and adjusted to produce the best code depending on the nature of the medium and the speed of the customer's production line. We can create for the customer a customized solution and a unique configuration that optimizes the efficiency of the laser in order to provide a code of the highest quality.

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