MSK new stretch cover


MSK new stretch cover
Wednesday, September 12, 2012Description :
This stretchy, sturdy design is simple and sturdy, withstands a dusty environment.

Cetet housseuse strable is currently very popular in the building materials industry because of its potential for savings in film, energy and maintenance costs. This new technology also applies to the packaging of palletised sharp-edged loads for a sealed and safe protection during transport.

With a MSK stretchy cover, the cover is delicately stretched lengthwise and transversely according to each pallet format. This makes it possible to use finer films for variable pallet dimensions and at the same time increases the stability of the packaging. Thanks to the patented MSK method of gripping the cover and the MSK system of vertical tension, the film consumption is reduced.


Even when it comes to maintenance, the MSK Tensiontech stretch hood offers unique advantages: the head of the machine automatically descends to the height of a man, which greatly simplifies the work on the machine, since neither ladder nor platform is necessary. Thanks to a simple system of connectors, the spare parts can be exchanged quickly and easily. This patented process saves time and money. On the other hand, thanks to the use of toothed belts, maintenance is reduced.

To ensure that a cover is truly sealed or that the load is securely protected from external aggressions, the quality of the weld is essential. With a pace of more than 50 pallets per hour, MSK uses a special process that ensures the reliability of the weld even at high speeds.

Thanks to the adapted cover dimensions combined with precise transfer of the film and the new generation of MSK tension fingers, the MSK Tensiontech makes a tailor-made package. The cover is perfectly placed on the palletized load and proves with a printed film the effectiveness of its advertising aspect.

Depending on the palletization, a double layer of film (hem) can be applied in addition to the stretch cover on the critical part of the palletized load. During the MSK process of foaming under the studs, the cover is pulled completely under the pads of the pallet, which considerably increases the stability of the load. Another stretchable process MSK (see photo), a bead of film is affixed on the top floor of the wooden pallet, which facilitates the handling of the pallets for storage.

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