MOBIPAL® - the mobile pallet magazine


MOBIPAL® - the mobile pallet magazine
Description :

Palllet handling is a risk that lots of operators are faced with on a daily basis. Bad postures while taking or depositing the pallets and back pain or hand injuries are only two of the factures inhibiting the well-being of the operators.

TRIAX has applied for the patent of its MOBIPAL®.
With the MOBIPAL® there is no more manual pallet handling: accident risk reduction and improvement of working conditions - an ergonomic solution.

Scope of application
The MOBIPAL® is the mobile version of the pallet magazine. It distributes pallets in pre-defined distances in the order picking zone.

Operating principle
The MOBIPAL® is motorized. It allows a quick and easy storing and destacking of the pallets. Its capacity is 15 pallets.
The MOBIPAL® is very useful for stacking and storing pallets that are scattered in different places of the warehouse. It can also be used as an autonomous pallet magazine if that is not available.

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