Microscan Announces Acquisition of Label Vision Systems (LVS)

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Microscan Announces Acquisition of Label Vision Systems (LVS)
Saturday, August 29, 2015Description :
Microscan Systems, Inc., one of the leaders in industrial barcode scanning and vision technologies, today confirmed that it has taken over the industry and assets of Label Vision Systems (LVS) Inc., One of the pioneers in label control, print control and barcode testing. LVS will be fully integrated with Microscan and the name LVS will become a fully-fledged brand in Microscan's portfolio of barcode labeling products.

Founded in Peachtree City, Georgia in 1993, LVS has become a leader in label control, print control and barcode verification, providing its products, solutions and services to the science sector Life and other industries.

The company has recently grown rapidly, a trend that is expected to continue with its technologies that enable companies to meet Unique Device Identification (UDI) requirements and improve traceability Of products throughout the manufacturing supply chain.

With its technologies, products and solutions, LVS enables companies to monitor barcodes in stand-alone or integrated mode to ensure 100% compliance with UDI and GS1 standards. LVS is known for its technological expertise and its integration with Microscan's global network should be profitable given Microscan's growth objectives outside North America.

"This is a strategic move for Microscan," said Scott Summerville, president of Microscan.

"The acquisition of the LVS industry and assets has many advantages. The management team at Microscan has every interest in investing in the development of LVS products and technologies to support the market, which is growing as a result of regulatory direction and business initiatives in terms of quality. We will have the opportunity to accelerate the expansion of LVS products and solutions in key international markets and to leverage significant commercial, technological and operational synergies between LVS and Microscan. "

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