Maximum flexibility and flexibility combined with Cermex's new multifunction vertical packer

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Maximum flexibility and flexibility combined with Cermex's new multifunction vertical packer
Sunday, February 24, 2008Description :
Objective: to compact the machine footprint, while maintaining the flexibility that made the success of the previous version.

Cermex pursues its strategy of functional and industrial innovation with this new packer. Adapted to different products, thanks to a wide range of packing manipulators, this compact SD58 keeps all the mechanical qualities that made the success of the previous version ...

Initiated with the "Ready to Pack" range and continued with the recent launch (2007) of the SW combination combiner for American crates and Wrap Around cuts, Cermex is continuing the re-development of its packing range. This time, the objective was twofold on a new combination picker (product grouping, forming, boxing and box closing) with a pick and place manipulator:

- compacting the machine footprint (- 54%)

- while maintaining the flexibility that made the SD69 version successful (more than 130 machines sold).

To do this, Cermex's R & D and Design departments worked according to the functional and modular decomposition of the machine, in order to develop each function so as to nest them in a minimum of space, module by module.

Functional design redesigned ...

Thus, the extraction module forming the flap boxes has been entirely redesigned according to a principle of driving close to the "pilgrim's step" which is a reciprocating system on board the retention grippers.

For its part, the frame can accommodate several casing systems according to the characteristics produced to be checked out, namely:

- nature of the product (rigid, flexible ...)

- mass and arrival rate

- envelope of the packing trajectory according to the need for presentation of the products in the box.

A wide range of cash handlers as required

Consequently, the SD58 can be equipped with a new Cartesian 3 axis manipulator (translation x, y and rotation embedded on the head) of origin Cermex. Another solution: the gripping / packing of the products will be carried out using multi-axis robotic manipulators coming from the "market" to bring, as required, additional functionalities.

For example, the version equipped with a 6-axis robot from the Staübli range, presented at the Interpack 2008 show, will highlight the robot's ability to change its gripping tool itself and also to adjust certain points Change formats.

Moreover, and regardless of the version of the manipulator, the format changes on the rest of the machine can be completely automatic thanks to a motorization of the set points. This results in a maximum productivity gain!

A machine rich in quality control functions

In terms of functional configuration, the SD58 can integrate a quality control by vision of good presence of the plugs on the arrival line of the products, before their casing (which will be the case on the machine exposed to Interpack) or the good filling Of the secondary packaging after packing.

The machine will also be equipped, in demonstration at the show, of the mEIT system, monitoring and analysis tool allowing the increase of overall machine efficiency. This software tool, directly connected to the PLC of the machine, performs complete activity readings to determine action / intervention plans to secure / improve the efficiency rate of the solution.

The application presented will also integrate the REAL system. The latter consists of recording video data via a camera positioned inside the machine, in order to be able to visualize a hazard that appeared at a precise date and time.


SD58: to evolve towards a complete line end with palletization

The new compact SD58 has also been designed to be combined with the new compact palletizer P5 in combination with the new Palletized Palletizer, in order to meet the needs of the integrated end of line and space saving (no inter machine conveyor, Integrating a labelmaker into the palletizer, as for the application shown on the show).

Finally, it should be noted that this new development is part of a logic of lowering costs, in order to satisfy a maximum of market applications.


Area of ??application:

- cosmetology, parapharmacy and pharmacy

- low and medium-speed agri-foodstuffs

Type of primary packaging processed:

- products packaged in bottles, jars, tubes, doypack, sachets.

Type of secondary packaging processed:

- American flap boxes

- ½ US boxes (without top flaps)

General mechanical performance:

- on-board weight: up to 8 kg

- rates: up to 15 cases per minute (packaging forming, grouping of products, packing of products and closing of the box)

Type of box closing:

- hot melt collage or

- wrapping by adhesive tape.

Overall dimensions of the machine: 3808mm x 1800mm x 2254mm

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