Markem-Imaje Launches 9450 Inkjet Printer for Reduced Marking Costs

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Markem-Imaje Launches 9450 Inkjet Printer for Reduced Marking Costs
Monday, March 30, 2015Description :
This industrial inkjet printer reduces marking costs by consuming additives and electricity reduced by 20% on average compared to other comparable printers and constantly changing consumables of production.

Featuring a 7-inch color touch screen, this production inkjet printer delivers great ease of use with its intuitive interface, local language menus and the display of key print performance indicators. The printer and print head are made of stainless steel with IP56 protection rating (IP66 optional) to allow for cleaning with pressurized water and flawless operation in all environments, including the most dusty.

To accompany the brands in their international deployment goals, the new 9450 printer multiplies printing possibilities: barcodes (including Datamatrix and QR codes), alphabets and logos, whatever size and resolution you want. It can print up to 6.6 m / s and offers 2 resolutions: 71 and 115 dpi.

The 9450 also incorporates an option to edit unique codes that can be used for traceability or as part of interactive contest competitions organized by brands. Very simple to implement, this option puts promotional marking within the reach of all manufacturers by means of a simple USB key.

A wide range of inks developed by Markem-Imaje accompanies this launch: black, color, indelible, thermo-chromic or high-contrast inks to ensure a good readability on the products. Transparent inks or with tamper-resistant tracers to combat counterfeiting as well as inks with low environmental impact complete the offer.

Finally, the 9450 printer secures productions. The new vision systemMark & ??Readindik real-time coding defects directly on the printer screen without additional investments. Mark & ??Read allows rapid intervention, avoiding product recalls, time consuming, expensive And branding.

The 9450 inkjet printer benefits from the new Longevity service offering, including a 5-year warranty on the pump. When purchased from the printer, this pack effectively secures the printer's operating time. According to the service contract, the availability rate can reach 99.9%

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