Intermec PM43 and PM43c midrange industrial label printers

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Intermec PM43 and PM43c midrange industrial label printers
Friday, June 22, 2012Description :
These new metal construction printers are designed to provide better uptime and lower maintenance costs.

The PM43 and PM43c are the latest innovations in Intermec's line of rugged industrial printers, a leader in this market segment. These printers offer the ultimate in technology: reliable and intuitive communication options thanks to their color touchscreen, a choice of 10 languages, easy-to-use universal icons and a multilingual and intuitive web user interface.

With the integrated device management tool, these industrial label printers require less IT support. This allows them to be monitored regardless of where they are via a Pocket PC, laptop, smartphone, or Intermec tablet connected via WiFi or an Ethernet cable.

Support for Precision Print technology allows PM43 and PM43c printers to offer optimum uptime and reduce the frequency of media settings. They allow the printing of small barcodes, texts and images with extreme precision, thus saving time and money for customers in the industrial sector. In addition, they offer the fastest deployment time on the market

Requiring no intervention, via an integrated RFID chip, optional. This patented feature eliminates time and resources for deploying between 80% (for a single device) and 99% (for multiple devices) with the ability to configure printers without opening Unit or turn them on.

The PM43 and PM43c printers also offer advanced connectivity capabilities for increased productivity and efficient processes. Because these industrial printers are the only ones on the market to work with an integrated Wi-Fi card and benefit from CCX certification and additional Bluetooth connectivity, their range of standard and wireless connectivity options are among the best on the market.

Each printer is equipped with Ethernet connectivity and IPv6 network protocol to ensure long-term enterprise scalability and investment protection.

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