Inotec FloorBlock® RFID Removable Label, Removable RFID Ground Marking Solution

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Inotec FloorBlock® RFID Removable Label, Removable RFID Ground Marking Solution
Monday, June 1, 2015Description :
The Inotec FloorBlock® RFID removable label is particularly suitable for the identification of storage areas in warehouses. It combines RFID input with in addition the visual location of the location by the operator.

Designed to allow an intuitive and optimized storage of the warehouse, this solution of identification by radio frequency by its removable aspect not only facilitates its installation (4 holes in the ground and 4 screws sufficient to fix it) but it can also be Moved quickly if the storage plan changes. A significant asset when inventories decrease and re-assignments are required to optimize warehouse occupancy.

Concretely, the FloorBlock® RFID kit consists of a polycarbonate adhesive label and a rigid PVC support. The highly resistant label can be customized with the address of the location (eg AB-037) visible separately by the operator. The RFID FloorBlock® kit is also equipped with a UHF RFID inlay - certified EPC Class 1- Gen2, integrated in the label to protect the RFID tag from damage (crushing or pinching).

The RFID tag can be read remotely and effortlessly by the operator from his forklift equipped with an on-board RFID reader during replenishment phases or by the operator equipped with a PDA when preparing orders.

Different formats (label size, support sizes ...) as well as inlays are available in order to meet as closely as possible all the applications and constraints of each warehouse. Coupled with a WMS, the FloorBlock® RFID kit is clearly the ideal removable solution to optimize storage areas and adapt to changing warehouse locations.

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