Improving Invercote G carton, adapting to changing market requirements

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Improving Invercote G carton, adapting to changing market requirements
Thursday, March 12, 2015Description :
Iggesund Paperboard announces an upgrade to its flagship product, the Invercote. Beginning in the summer of 2015, the Invercote G, the best-selling carton from the Invercote range, will be coated with a light coat on the back.

"More and more brand owners are demanding a high-quality print surface on the back, for example to print a hue or pattern that will enhance their recognition and brand image," said Arvid Sundblad, vice president Sales and marketing at Iggesund Paperboard. We develop the Invercote step by step, and always in the direction desired by our customers. "

The Invercote G is currently coated with a triple coat on the printable side, with an uncoated back. It is available in weights from 180 to 380 g / m2. Over the years, it has established itself as a market leader for its quality, thanks to its excellent printing and laminating properties combined with its high quality and consistency. The high predictability of the final result is part of the many properties that lead to choose it as packaging material or graphic.

The coating on the reverse side will also improve its whiteness. Further improvements were also made to the light stability, which was already the best on the market, and which is essential for a packaging to retain its appearance for a long time in shelving.

"This is not a revolution, but rather an adaptation to changing customer requirements. The sleeping on the back is very light; It improves the printing properties, but the tactile quality is preserved, continues Arvid Sundblad. By making this change we have taken care to preserve all the other properties that enable Invercote to place itself once again and foremost in the European carton market for the biggest brand owners. "

In parallel with the introduction of the improved Invercote G, Iggesund has also improved and made more transparent its service offering called Care by Iggesund. Greater consistency of delivery times is targeted in this improvement, but the package encompasses all services, from rapid sample delivery to local technical assistance, knowledge transfer and transparency raw material.

"For us, it is essential that everyone who chooses Invercote do it in peace and that they know that the end result will be dazzling," concludes Arvid Sundblad.

The specifications for the improved Invercote G, as well as the samples and materials for testing, will be available from the beginning of February. Deliveries will start on July 1st.

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