Horizontal Continuous Cartoner CAM "HV"

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Horizontal Continuous Cartoner CAM "HV"
Thursday, August 20, 2009Description :
Its completely "balconnet" design allows an extremely easy total inspection and easy cleaning of the machine.

With the CAM HV cartoner, the cases are put into volume by a rotary turret with 5 stations, each consisting of two suction cups for a positive opening of the case. A wide range of feeders is available to cover all the existing requirements in the PHARMACEUTICAL, COSMIC, FOOD and INDUSTRIAL markets in terms of packaging. The CAM HV machine offers the possibility of performing all types of closure (inlet tabs, hot glue, mixed or tamper evident).

The CAM HV cartoner was designed to meet the requirements of an ever-evolving market, paying special attention to ergonomics, operational safety and the possibility of inspection and Cleaning the machine.

The CAM HV cartoner is characterized by a perfectly linear and clean operator side which allows a change of the case very accessible, convenient and with a long autonomy. On the other hand, this characteristic allows the operator to immediately perceive all the operations performed by the machine.

The fully ballooned design, which allows a clear separation between the mechanical transmission parts and the parts constituting the product / case transport, thus guarantees a total possibility of inspection and the immediate elimination of products or packaging materials which may have fallen, Which fully meets GMP standards.

The exclusive continuous volume system is realized by a rotary turret with 5 stations, each controlled by cams with a closed profile allowing the sampling from the magazine at a speed of 0. This system thus allows a complete and progressive pre-screening of the cases for a period longer than the cycle of the machine.

Each volume setting station consists of two suction cups which, by pulling the two adjacent sides of the case, guaranteeing a positive opening, regardless of the weight and the quality of the carton used, and whatever the section Of the case (even square).

The transport buckets, by moving according to the profile of a cam, are inserted directly into the cases in the introduction phase, thus guaranteeing the correct and safe packaging of the products even of irregular shape or size.

The possibility of adopting superior slides with differential stroke on the push-buttons guarantees the introduction of the prospectuses, booklets or the like into the case, without taking account of the characteristics of the products to be packaged.

The extensive range of product feeders provided covers all existing requirements of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and industrial markets in packaging.

Like all machines in the CAM range, the CAM HV cartoner is equipped with a MECHANICAL MEMORY system that reduces the change from a complete one-to-one format to a series of fast and predetermined operations that can be performed by a non- Specialized, in less than 10 minutes!

This system eliminates the operations of small adjustments and thus makes it possible to make the change of format really coincide with the change of production.

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