Honeywell Launches New Generation Computer

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Honeywell Launches New Generation Computer
Saturday, January 19, 2013Description :
Thor VM2 Improves Supply Chain Productivity by Minimizing Operator Downtime and Maintenance Costs

The Thor VM2 is a 10th generation vehicle-mounted computer (VMC) that delivers unprecedented flexibility and productivity to the mobile workforce. Featuring a larger XGA display (9.7), the Thor VM2 relies on the success of the Thor VM1, using state-of-the-art mobile technology to generate immediate time savings and provide protection against unexpected interruptions. The supply chain.

 Equipped with a field replaceable front panel, the Thor VM2 integrates the two most sensitive components of the device, namely the keyboard and the touch screen, into a user-replaceable part. This allows users to repair on-the-fly the most common forms of malfunctioning of the vehicle-mounted computer, reducing maintenance costs and investment costs in spare parts.

The fast mount intelligent docking system optimizes the efficiency of its users by allowing them to extract the VM2 in less than 10 seconds to adapt to vehicle failures without leaving their active work session or reassigning Computers based on changes in workload. Supply chain operators can, for example, disconnect the VM2 from a forklift truck and connect it to another vehicle without losing a single transaction. Both Thor VM2 and VM1 computers are compatible with the Intelligent Quick Docking System.

With the Thor VM2 on / off switch, units can be configured to automatically switch to stand-by (extended or not) at a user-defined time after the power is turned off, eliminating maintenance and Loss of productivity caused by a flat battery on a vehicle. It is also possible that the automatic activation function triggers a DC power connection, eliminating the need for an on / off switch.

The Thor VM2 is equipped with a 1.6 GHz Atom Z530 fast processor and comes standard with the 802.11 WLAN radio module and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity. The optional WWAN radio module provides connectivity for ports, depots and other outdoor applications.

The Thor VM2 is equipped with the Microsoft® Windows CE 6.0 operating system, ideal for warehousing and task management, or Windows® Embedded Standard, for extending and portability of the fixed / portable.

The Thor VM2 is compatible with Honeywell Remote MasterMind '3.0 Remote Device Management Software, the only suite of single-console mobility and playback software; It is possible to remotely secure a lost device, register and configure devices, monitor the assets of the company and set up a stronger protection of passwords.

Honeywell RFTerm terminal emulation software is available for both operating systems.

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