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High-resolution serial printer
Monday, April 27, 2015Description :
Designed for micro-printing applications where readability is critical and space is limited, this new continuous-inkjet printer delivers impressions of up to 0.6 mm and speeds up to 348 meters per minute.

This printer is equipped with a 40 micron nozzle with an optimized print head that allows it to print high-speed 2D barcodes and highly readable alphanumeric multi-line codes at high speeds on integrated circuits, Small diameter cables and other products with limited print space, thus maximizing traceability for manufacturers without compromising line productivity.

This production line inkjet printer meets the identification needs of manufacturers in the electronics, components and cables industry, as well as in other sectors requiring very small printing capacities Size due to the reduced size of the products to be marked.

This new HR printer features Videojet's proprietary CleanFlow ™ technology, which reduces the build-up of ink on the tips of the nozzle. This allows printers to operate longer than traditional print systems between two nozzle cleaning intervals, significantly reducing maintenance requirements. The self-cleaning printhead allows for faster start-up of the system, even after prolonged downtime, which increases the availability of production. An internal pump makes the external air supply unnecessary, thus limiting the risk of contaminants in the ink jet and further increasing the homogeneity of the printing.

It is also equipped with the Smart Cartridge ™ ink delivery system which ensures that only the right ink is selected for each product, making it easier for manufacturers of electronic components and wires and cables to use multiple types of ink Inks. Printers use a needle and septum system to draw ink from each cartridge, eliminating the risk of spills and reducing waste. This system offers a real advantage in clean environments often present in micro-printing applications.

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