Gravity roller conveyor for pallets


Gravity roller conveyor for pallets
Description :

The gravity is a solution for accumulating loads with the force of gravity (inclination of more than 2%). This allows the movement and storage of pallets or other heavy loads.

The inclination must be sufficient to overcome the internal friction of the rollers and to allow restarting at any point of the conveyor. The conveyor requires the use of brake rollers to ensure speed control when lowering loads.

  • Minimum length : 2 700 mm
  • Ø Rollers : Tube Ø70mm et Axe Ø15mm
  • Width: Depending on the width of the load
  • Between axes : Depending on the weight of the load
  • Charge maximum : 1 000 Kg/ml
Application area(s)
  • Industrial distribution
  • Logistics
  • Handling
  • Entire industry
  • Furniture industry

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