Free conveyor curve


Free conveyor curve
Description :

Free conveyor curve is a free roller conveyor with a curve. It is purpose is to meet possible installation constraints.

It is suitable for handling boxes, parcels and other packaged products.

The packaged products advance by gravity (inclination of more than 2%) or with the intervention of an operator (horizontal free handling).

Free conveyor curve increases productivity and speeds, make order preparation more fluid and improves the working conditions of the operators.

Benefits :

  • More productivity
  • Increased speeds
  • Order preparation more fluid
  • Ergonomic improvement of the workstation (comfort and safety)
  • External radius : 1 000, 1 500 et 2 200 mm
  • Lane width : 300 to 700 mm
  • Support : Roller or Wheel
  • Charge maximum : 160 Kg/ml
  • Carrier materials : steel, stainless steel, PVC and plastic
Application area(s)
  • Logistics
  • Handling
  • Entire industry
  • Parcel
  • Furniture industry

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