Floortag ITF: a new RFID marking solution on the ground

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Floortag ITF: a new RFID marking solution on the ground
Monday, July 13, 2015Description :
Resistant and color-printable to differentiate storage locations, this Floortag® ITF floor marking solution is easily replaceable and interchangeable to meet the changing needs of marking in the warehouse.

The new Floortag® ITFse solution consists of a high-strength, high-strength polycarbonate label laminated to an aluminum base plate sealed to the floor. Extremely robust, this RFID tag can be replaced very easily for an easy evolution of the marking of the locations in the warehouse. The base plate is fixed to the ground, thus allowing the possibility to take off and replace the label to modify the barcode identifier. With the Floortag® first version, it was necessary to involve an Inotec team to blow up the epoxy sealing resin to remove the metal label and re-seal a new plate.

Another novelty is that the new Floortag® ITF solution can be printed in color to define different storage areas and immediately distinguish the location of the products (blue zone> products X, yellow zone> products Y) or to identify different aisles The warehouse. With the former Floortag, the marking could only be done in black on the metal support.

Although readily interchangeable and replaceable, ITF Floortag® RFID tags offer extreme resistance. Indeed the polycarbonate label is printed in the mass for greater resistance to friction, high pressure cleaning and other detergents, UV and bad weather. In addition, the aluminum base is taken in the floor and sealed in the resin with partial covering, to ensure a perfect durability of the solution.

The new Floortag® ITF system is the ideal solution to meet the needs of mass identification and traceability in warehouse or loading docks. The codes (barcodes or 2D DataMatrix) can be read remotely by an operator from his forklift truck. It is installed by Inotec teams and can be installed indoors or outdoors on all types of stable floors (concrete, resin, asphalt, tiles ...)

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