Flexicon FF30: a new filling and capping machine from Watson-Marlow

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Flexicon FF30: a new filling and capping machine from Watson-Marlow
Saturday, May 28, 2011Description :
This FF30 filling machine is both compact and complete and is perfectly suited for small-scale production and fits perfectly with laminar air flow cabinets.

The machine is compatible with vials up to 50 mm in diameter (110 mm high) and stoppers up to 50 mm (40 mm high).

Ideal solution for capsules not easily compatible with automatic processes. The FF30 is suitable for the filling of vials by small batches closed by screw caps (with pipette cap or vaporizer cap). It guarantees a constant production quality that is impossible to obtain when assembling bottles and bottles. In addition, the machine protects operators from injuries caused by repeated gestures.

The speed of the new FF30 is easily adjusted according to the working speed of the operator and the liquids can be filled automatically in volumes ranging from 0.1 ml to approximately 100 ml. Product change takes place in five minutes

Designed for intensive use, one of the key requirements specified in the design of the FF30 was to minimize product change times while ensuring clean production without the risk of cross-contamination. The change of bottle or bottle on the FF30 - which cleans itself with ease - takes up to five minutes to improve operational times and productivity.

Because of its small footprint, the machine is perfectly suited for laminar air flow units or biosafety cabinets. With a maximum capacity of 1,200 bottles per hour (depending on the volume of filling and the operator), the main fields of application are the diagnostic sector, pharmacies in hospitals, R & D services, manufacturing Essential oils, cosmetic production and general filling / finishing activity.

A control panel with intuitive software is standard on this IP52 stainless steel machine. Optional filling machines include PF6 or 520Di peristaltic filling machines. A custom version of the machine is available for crimping bottles and flasks using aluminum capsules.

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