Flap door for shafts


Flap door for shafts
Description :

Flap door for shafts
For hoistway handling, the operator hoists the load above the access level and shifts the loads above the guardrails in order to unhook them on the other side. Risks that the loads and the operators fall are very high during these handling operations.

Socpe of application
The loads are shifted by means of a hoist in order to be lifted through the shaft, and are deposited on the higher level.

Operating principle
When closed, the flap door is a reception floor on which the operator safely can deposit, unhook and remove the loads without great effort.
When opened, the flap door allows the hoist and the loads to move up or down.
The movement of the flap door on the floor is protected by grid panels 50x25x4 mm, height 2200 mm on three sides of the shaft.
Simple and robust construction: no special maintenance required.

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