Double Robot Wrap Around Wrapper for Agri-Food Products Presented Lying or Standing from Cermex

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Double Robot Wrap Around Wrapper for Agri-Food Products Presented Lying or Standing from Cermex
Saturday, May 10, 2008Description :
This new version of wrap packer is capable of processing frozen products in boxes or in aluminum trays under flowpack to take them horizontally or on edge for a maximum of industrial flexibility and merchandising

In line with its range of "Ready to Pack" modules and machines, Cermex has just offered one of its customers, a French SME in the food industry, a new version of a wrap packer.

Beyond the integration of two robots in a single Wrap-Around machine, this new application demonstrates the importance of Cermex's design and functional sub-system design policy for more than 3 years.

After having clocked the products at the input of the machine, the frozen products put in boxes or aluminum trays in flowpack are stacked directly in the tooling of one of the robot. The tooling is, in fact, a mechanical clamp which descends step by step, on receipt of each of the products in order to stack them. Thus, by programming, a stack of "n" cases or trays is formed in this clamp.

In order to respect the cadences, two identical robots are available on both sides of the conveyor belt of the products, so that the second takes the relay of the first when the latter will deposit (stack) his stack of products in the carton .

In this case, Cermex has chosen the 6-axis robot FANUC M16 iB / 20, which allows any movement in space and also ensures by the rotation of its wrist, the casing of the batches of products in the cardboard, either :

* From the top in a single cycle, for edge cases (standing products)

* Laterally, for flowpacked trays, and in one or several cycles depending on the number of piles (so-called "coated" products).

The main advantage of this two robot solution integrating the grouping of products, is to exploit to the best the mechanical potential of the robot. Indeed, instead of realizing up to 50 cycles / min with each robot to collect the products by unit to follow the nominal rate of arrival of the products, Cermex prefers to divide this cadence by 5 or 10 by treating a whole lot At each cycle.

The effects of inertia related to speeds and accelerations are much more easily controllable at low speed than at high speed. The precision in the taking and the removal of the products is also more reliable at this level of cadence, not insignificant point with such applications at the level of the primary packaging (flowpack in particular).

The mastery of the product handling is also ensured when depositing it in the cardboard wrap, keeping the batch of cases on edge by the suction cups of the head, the two clamp jaws have been retracted until the folds of the cardboard flaps are folded, Eliminating any risk of falling.


The wrapper WB45 side view carton

In parallel to this sub-assembly of product grouping and their packing, the WB Cermex will have extracted and shaped the cardboard cut-out (in this case pallet trays) to receive the products according to the Cermex standards in mechanization of corrugated cardboard. The main stages of kinematics are:


* Packaging Extraction / Forming

* Transfer of packaging

* Grouping & packing of products

* Folding, sizing and pressing of the packaging

Note that this dual robot wrapper can, in its dimensional range, initially process up to 11 different product / packaging formats!

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