COMPACTA EASY tubular bagging machine: up to 1200 bags / hour from Bag Line

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COMPACTA EASY tubular bagging machine: up to 1200 bags / hour from Bag Line
Thursday, December 22, 2011Description :
The new BAG LINE tubular bagging machine is intended for bagging many types of products such as sand, gravel, salt, fertilizers, seeds, plastic or wood pellets, etc.

The new bagging machine of the tubular type developed by BAG LINE is of an increased simplicity thanks to a system for moving the bag by pendulums.

The "COMPACTA EASY" tubular bagging machine has been designed and developed to increase simplicity at all levels without compromising functionality and performance: maintenance thanks to the complete opening of the casings, reliability thanks to the special system In motion by pendulums and facilitated driving of the line with its new generation of HMI device.

Equipped with various filling systems, it is the ideal machine for countless types of products, such as sand, gravel, salt, fertilizers, seeds, plastic granulates or wood, etc. Each product is treated to guarantee Reliability and regularity of production. For this purpose, a wide range of accessories complete the machine to satisfy all customer needs.

The tubular plastic bag reduces production costs. Extremely durable and protective, it offers the best value for industrial packaging and for various types of products. Available in coils, it guarantees more, a long autonomy of production. The bag can be a cushion or bellows bag to facilitate palletizing. Once formed, the bag is filled and heat-sealed in pulses, which ensures high strength.

Forming, filling and sealing of the bag, three levels of simultaneous operation:


The operator panel can be used to select the length of the bag. It is otherwise possible to use the photocell to read the reference notch which defines the length of the bag and the centering of the press.


The operation is carried out by an end piece which adheres perfectly to the configuration of the bag in order to prevent the product from being poured out of the bag.


The welding of the film is carried out by electrical pulses. In addition, the station can be equipped with a system for cleaning and / or deaerating the bag.

To complete the operation, the transfer of the bags is ensured by a pair of pendulums, typical of the BAG LINE range, which support and move the bag without ever releasing it during the successive phases and with continuous and smooth movement . In the absence of effort and vibration, these pendulums guarantee a reliable operation and a long service life of the equipment.

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