Jangzin Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1979, with Chali Strapping Systems as the brand and it is a professional manufacturer in the production of semi-automatic systems, fully automatic and fully automatic strapping. In the initial period, we focused mainly in the domestic market, but with stably achieving growth, we are developing the foreign market gradually, and now the marketing field has expanded to Japan, Southeast Asia, the Europe, Australia, Africa and America, etc. , represents the domestic market of 30% and abroad 70% respectively.

Jangzin deals with technology companies, one after another with the big well-known factories, the quality of the product reaches the repeated affirmation. Jangzin obtained GS authentication in 1994, CE and ISO-9002 authentication in 1998, and ISO-9001 authentication in 2000.

Q quality, that stable quality can get the trust of marketing and users. P for prices, facing the competitive market, the only way to win is improving the efficiency of manufacturing and reduce the cost. S for service, in international trade, the first and most important thing is mutual trust, and by providing a prompt message and after-sales service, these are all belong to the service of the category, we deeply believe that the QPS will also be an important pointer in product trading.

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