Campak Cremer CFS 622 * 3 counting machine

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Campak Cremer CFS 622 * 3 counting machine
Tuesday, January 29, 2013Description :
This new ultra-compact linear high-speed counting machine for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries reaches the same production rates as other high-speed machines with 60% less space on the ground.

This new CREMER CFS 622 * 3 counting and filling machine for capsules and pills is a linear device designed to maximize the production rate in extremely small spaces. Indeed, the CFS 622 * 3 machine has been specifically designed to respond to high-speed productions to be carried out in much more restricted areas than traditionally.

While being particularly compact, this new counter reaches the same speeds as those obtained with the other existing CREMER machines, yet occupying 60% less footprint!

Thus, thanks to its small footprint, the CFS 622 * 3 can be easily integrated into any new or existing packaging chain. The CFS 622 * 3 is equipped with an electronic module for counting three 6-way heads and is able to reach a rate of up to 150 pills / min.

This equipment has been designed to handle a wide range of tablets and capsules of varying shapes and sizes, requiring appropriate counting with format changes that can be easily and quickly achieved without any special constraints.

The features of the CREMER CFS 622 * 3 counting machine include total control of all machine movements by simplifying the format change operations with very few parameters to be defined. The number of pieces of format to be changed is extremely small and can be supported by one and the same operator.

The CREMER CFS 622 * 3 counting machine offers counting of tablets in a range from 2 to 30 mm in length and from 2 to 20 mm in width. It also receives a wide range of pills and is able to count almost any type of tablet or capsule, and fill almost any type of glass or plastic pill, whatever form it takes ( Round, oval or rectangular), up to 200 mm high and 125 mm wide.

The number of pieces of format to be changed during a change of format is extremely simple and rapid, and can therefore be carried out without any problem by a single operator. Thus, the counting machine simplifies and optimizes the production by reducing all the parameterisation factors to be integrated during the change of format, as at the time of the cleaning.

Finally, the new CREMER CFS 622 * 3 machine, made of STAINLESS STEEL steel, in treated aluminum and with different synthetic materials, perfectly meets the requirements and specifications of the current GMP construction and guarantees 100% accuracy in its counting function . The whole system is controlled by an operator interface via a touchscreen / 15 inches.

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