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Campak CAM "MK" Thermoforming Machine
Saturday, February 9, 2008Description :
Thermoformer with balloon for pharmaceutical blister packs with immediate format change without tools

With this new generation of thermoforming machines, the CAM group has designed, with the MK machine, a version specifically designed to meet the high production rates in the pharmaceutical field, taking into account immediate and tool-less format changes.

The MK thermoformer: an alternative operation with a balconnet structure

The machine is based on an alternative operating cycle, with a transport of the film by a fully mechanical clamp system whose characteristics distinguish it on the market:

- Alternative operation

- Balcony structure

- Alternative film transport

- Forming and sealing flat

- The thermoformer mk accepts any type of thermoformable films (pvc, aclar, pvdc, ...)

- The thermoformer mk accepts all types of sealing materials (aluminum, paper, ...)

The mk thermoformer, an advanced operator interface solution for immediate format change without tools!

-> computer control and management of machine control

Provided with an industrial PC management system, the mk thermoformer allows the development of an advanced operator interface solution. The latter allows, in complete safety, a real support that is much easier and more complete by the user, leading above all to big improvements in terms of precision of driving of machine and speed of change of format.

-> simplification in the design of mechanical parts with format

At the time of the change of format, in order to avoid any error for the operator in placing it, the thermoformer mk benefits from a complete simplification of the machine mechanics and of the formatted parts controlled by misleading systems error. Rather than adjusting and changing parts, the manufacturer has preferred to completely replace the formatted parts of its thermoformers in order to avoid any constraints on the operator.

Thus, reliability, rapidity and repetitiveness in the development of the programmed format change, make this mk thermoformer a high performance machine that promotes an efficient production increase.

The machine is available today in two distinct models whose capacity is determined by the width of the width and the pitch of the machine:

- Thermoformer MK 28: production up to 450 blisters / minute

(Maximum width: 280 mm maximum - maximum pitch: 180 mm)

- Thermoformer MK 33: production up to 600 blisters / minute

(Maximum width: 333 mm - Maximum pitch: 220 mm)

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