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Friday, August 21, 2015Description :
FLOW PACK / PILLOW BAG MULTI-TRACK automatic bagger for the formation and filling of cushion packs with 3 welds.

New (patented) 4-5-6-track vertical flow packing machine, capable of producing cushion bags from a single reel of film with long-term production capacity (only one coil change per day).

This concept avoids the use of several machines and therefore reduces the necessary floor space, auxiliary installations (electricity, air, product feed, printers, etc.), the number of operators required, The number of coil changes, hence increasing yield and production capacity.

The bagging machine is able to independently control the tension of the packaging film for each of the tracks, thanks to a special dual brushless servo system that pulls the film (no film pull from the jaws).

The temperature control is extremely accurate and independent for each of the tracks.
Currently only the conventional welding system is used, impulse welding will be available in the near future.

The standard size of the cushion pouches is already available, in the future the flat bottom option will also be possible. The production rate is about 40 to 80 cycles / min (more than 160-480 sachets / min / total) depending on the size and shape of the sachets, the type and the quality of the packaging film. The design of the upper part of the machine allows the installation of a wide range of dosing systems:
  For powders: with cups, screws, rotary volumetric axis;
  For liquids: piston pump, piston pump with NEP, flow meter with NEP;
  For solids: counting system, multi-head associative weigher.

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