Birra Castello: a complete modern line for highly automated cans

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Birra Castello: a complete modern line for highly automated cans
Sunday, July 5, 2015Description :
ACMI has installed a complete line for technologically advanced cans at the Friulian plant in Birra Castello.
The line has a nominal filling speed of 90,000 cans per hour and is characterized by great flexibility. It is capable of packing cans of 330 ml and 500 ml in different configurations: only film, film and interlayer, film and tray. ACMI has provided the full range of machines that make up the end of line, conveyors and transportation systems including:

1) Depalletiser of high model Faster D200 (maximum speed equal to 110.000 cans per hour).
The depalletizer is equipped with a new containment cabin which ensures the maximum stability of the product during the whole working phase.

2) Fenix ??185 V, fully automatic tray thermoformer.
The machine is equipped with an automatic feeding system for the trays and an automatic system for changing the film.
In a time of about ten seconds, the machine moves from the exhausted coil to the new coil in a fully automatic manner. The two coils are also housed in an ergonomic external box that allows the operator to operate safely.

3) Palletizer from top model Faster + Twisterbox® 3M.

It is a high-speed system that reaches 112,500 cans per hour. The Twisterbox continuous forming system installed at Birra Castello is a three-module model with concentrically closed carbon clamps. These new clamps ensure a greater speed in the handling of the product and a greater flexibility and delicacy in the setting phase.

4) Automatic wrapping machine for pallets model Vortex 750.

It is a fixed pallet wrapper equipped with an electronic pre-stretching device capable of reaching values ??of 400%.
The machine can have as an accessory an automatic system for changing the pre-stretching group, with a dust-proof device and with a waterproof type hermetic device. The wrapper can mount coils with a height of 500, 750 and 1,000 mm.

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