Automatic defrosting machine for pallets packed with MKS film


Automatic defrosting machine for pallets packed with MKS film
Tuesday, April 8, 2008Description :
This unique remover can automatically deflate up to 60 pallets per hour in a clean and safe way.

The MSK Defotech operates on a patented winding principle which makes it possible to remove the film from the pallet by means of an extremely flexible winding spindle and direct the used film to a recycling device. If necessary, it can carefully reposition the displaced loads in position.

This machine is ideally suited to small spaces. It knows perfectly well how to adapt to material flow systems and accepts without problem to be connected to equipment of other brands. While the MSK Defotech was originally designed for the removal of shrink film, the machine is now capable of handling both pallets packed in stretchable and retractable film.

MSK fills the void that exists in the logistics of transporting pallet packaging by now offering the full range of packaging equipment: from fully automatic defoaming to automatic overwrapping systems with retractable film, under cover and stretch film for ½ pallets And whole pallets, to the transport and traceability of beverage pallets in the logistics system.

Permanent operations in the dry zone require an interval between maintenance operations as long as possible. At the same time, facilities must be able to adapt very quickly to new processes and manufacturing processes.

Thanks to the robust and modular construction of the MSK installations, it is very easy to build custom solutions on the model of construction toys.

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