All is clean with norelem: Standard parts according to Hygienic DESIGN


All is clean with norelem: Standard parts according to Hygienic DESIGN
Wednesday, September 22, 2021Description :

The term "Hygienic DESIGN" stands for standardised design specifications of respective machine components or elements. For example, the norelem Hygienic DESIGN standard and operating parts have smooth surfaces so that germs, product residues and dirt on these surfaces are particularly easy to clean. Wide product variety, high service competence and constant delivery capability - the Hygienic DESIGN products add significantly to the value. You can find all operating parts and machine elements that meet the required specifications demanded by Hygienic DESIGN here.

- Hygienic DESIGN screws

- Cable glands in Hygienic DESIGN

- Hygienic DESIGN cap nuts & wing nuts

- Hygienic DESIGN levelling feet

- Quarter-turn locks with and without T-grips in Hygienic DESIGN and accessories

The advantages of norelem Hygienic DESIGN standard elements
- Corrosion prevention
- High protection against germs, bacteria & Co.
- High grade stainless steel (high quality A4)
- Product residues and contaminants can be easily cleaned off
- Radii, transitions and bevels are designed to hinder wetting
- Free from notches, gouges, indentations and cavities
- Product residues and cleaning agents do not adhere
- Fine finish (Ra 0.8 µm) of the product surfaces

Hygienic DESIGN in design and production

Hygienic DESIGN products are easy to clean, prevent corrosion and, due to their special design, give germs, bacteria etc. no chance wherever high hygiene requirements are essential in plant and machine construction. The products from the Hygienic DESIGN range are therefore ideally suited for industries with high hygienic requirements, such as:

- Foodstuff production & processing
- Pharmaceutical industries
- Cosmetic industries
- Medical technology
- Biotechnology
- Chemical sectors
- Packaging industries

norelem guarantees representatives of these industries the support of a full-range supplier. All products meet the norelem quality requirements and are shipped on schedule from the logistics centre in Germany.

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