To provide excellent quality, easy to use, full range of equipment to support the operations and growth of the packaging industry while providing our equipment free of deficiencies in a timely manner.


"We will provide packaging equipment of the highest quality, while maintaining customer support, promoting product innovations, and continuously providing fair and competitive pricing."

Modern designs

Accutek engineers are constantly working to modernize and simplify our designs giving our customers the competitive edge of the most efficient, technologically advanced bottling line.

Our diverse range of equipment is designed for products in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and specialty industries. All our equipment is built from high quality materials with high quality finish. We work with programmable logic controllers, electronic, pneumatic and achieve filling, capping and labeling at the fastest pace, the most accurate possible.


If you have unique filling requirements, we can customize machines to accommodate your product and even work with your existing packaging line. Once our lab evaluates your product, our experienced staff will discuss the wide range of packaging material options available. Then we will consult you to determine which system is best for your needs.


Qualified, qualified technicians are available for troubleshooting and problem solving to ensure your fill line is up and running smoothly. All of our equipment includes a one-year warranty on non-wear parts and labor.

Extended warranties are also available. Standard equipment can be delivered within two weeks of the date of purchase. Most spare parts are stocked and they can be shipped within 24 hours of placing your order being placed.


Our machines are easy to use and maintain. To clean most of our filling machines simply remove the intake tube forming your product, place it in soapy water and run it through the equipment. Disassembly is not mandatory but is often recommended by regulators.

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